You are the CEO of your company. At the end of the day, month and year all the
failures come to rest on your shoulders. How many times have you wished you could in
confidence talk to a peer and get some good advice? How many times have you spent
sleepless nights wondering what other CEO’s did to resolve the same issue? When
and how much should you invest in your company? How do you approach another
CEO for advice?

These and many other questions will be answered by joining our CEO Peer Advisory

Why Invest in a Peer Advisory Group?

Access to your own peer advisory board while in or coming out of an economic
recession, provides help with real solutions, offers actionable strategies to run
your business more effectively, reinforces solid business fundamentals and yields
smart growth. It is lonely at the top you can avoid isolation and collaborate with ten
experienced CEOs from non-competing businesses to exchange valuable insights and
lessons learned.

What are some of the key benefits of being a member?

• Get feedback/feedforward for questions on corporate strategy on day-to-day

• Save time, energy and most importantly money avoiding mistakes experienced
by others

• Learn about others solutions and outcomes tried and tested for their companies
to understand how other member’s successfully implement solutions to save time

• Learn how to quickly find solutions for your greatest challenges make better
decisions, improve the decision making process, avoid mistakes and reduce risk

• Spend valuable time working on your business to improve your company’s
performance within the group taking the solution back to your Company to

• Network with other CEO’s on matters of hiring and recruitment and hiring and
developing high performance talent in your area of the Company or overall

• Solve your toughest mission-critical business problems by focusing on key
strategic issues, compressing the time required to review the best practices, to
weed out bad ideas quickly, avoid false starts and speed implementation.

• Learn how to narrow the focus on critical performance factors including
continuous improvement of business and profit model looking at persistent
process improvement.


Being a member of our Houston Business Executive CEO Peer Advisory Group you
will achieve better results, quickly take advantage of business opportunities, improve
relationships, reduce stress, sustain growth and achieve a better work/life balance
productively working with others in a Senior Management role.

The Houston Business Executive CEO Peer Advisory Group is an interactive, small-
group meeting designed for ten CEOs or Presidents of non-competing businesses to
problem solve today’s business challenges, to discuss business strategies and tactics,
share best practices, and solve critical growth and performance issues.

Peer advisory groups can create a safe environment to express frustration, challenges
and feelings that CEO’s/Presidents may not be comfortable sharing in their own work
environments. The peer advisory group will provide learning opportunities, empathy,
shared experiences, challenges, objectivity, and accountability. What is exposed and
expressed in a peer advisory group stays in the group.

The peer advisory group is based on the premise that the collective experience and
resources of the 10-member advisory board empowers like-minded executives to solve
their challenges more effectively and more rapidly than they would accomplish on their

The CEOs learn from their peers, exchange ideas, ask for advice, support each other
and share best practices in an open, trusting and confidential forum. The aim is to
build revenue and accelerate performance and profitability. The power of the Houston
Business Executive CEO Peer Advisory Group is derived from the peer’s eagerness to
learn, interact and grow as a CEO.

Become an exceptional leader. Enhance your leadership and management
development and fuel your appetite for learning. Be the leader you want to follow. The CEO Peer Advisory program is like an “on-the-job” MBA.