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I’m doing well with my business now. What can HBE offer me?

If you are like most business owners, you feel in your heart that you can do better. HBE allows for that to happen. You will work with your peers to provide assistance in making their businesses stronger and they will work with you to help your business become stronger. Further, we all want to have more customers. Who has better business contacts than your peers? They will help you as you will help them.

I see that you meet for almost a full day each month. How can I afford to give up a full workday with my busy schedule?

Look at it from the other direction. What are you willing to give up to significantly improve your business? Surrendering approximately six hours a month to greatly improve your bottom line is money well spent.

How do I know participation in HBE will improve my business?

It is healthy to be somewhat skeptical. We appreciate and understand that. For that reason we offer a money back guarantee. If you join HBE and participate fully in the program for 90 days and are dissatisfied with the effect that it has made on your company’s performance, we will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

This peer review concept is intriguing. However, I don’t want to be talking about my business to a room full of competitors.

Good point. Your peer group will not include your competitors. We deal with this two ways:

  1. We select potential members based on their being no business conflicts among them.
  2. Group members have the ability to reject potential members based on perceived conflicts when a potential member is introduced to the group.

I’ve been in many groups where one person dominates the conversation during the whole meeting and other folks don’t get to say or do anything. How do you prevent this?

Good question. The HBE key to success is the group facilitator. Our facilitators are business executives who have developed and run companies, are trained and certified as facilitators and are also trained and certified in business sales networking. They will manage the group to ensure that everyone has a fair level of participation.

I’m a salesperson. I’m focused on getting business rather than running a business. How can HBE help me?

Your question is music to my ears. It is extremely difficult for B2B sales executives to find business networking functions and organizations that meet their needs. HBE is unique in this regard. You will become a member of a group of salespeople just like you. These people are making contacts with the type of people you need to meet. You will meet weekly for an hour or two each week and you will focus on meaningful sales leads!

How can people help me if they’re from a different industry from mine? They don’t understand my business problems.

You and your key people are very knowledgeable of the technical aspects of your business and probably manage that part of the job well. Your major problems are most likely shared by your peers: personnel, time management, inventory control, etc. Your peers will have faced these problems and have some great ideas as to how to resolve. They can help you tackle these most vexing issues.

My business is seasonal. Can I join for only part of the year?

You must participate fully for HBE to maximize its value to you. But you needn’t worry, HBE will quickly help you to manage you time so that you will be able to absent yourself from the business for reasonable periods at any time during the year.

OK, I now see where HBE can help me. Where do I sign up?

Great, click here and we will get you involved now!

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