You are working hard every day to make your business successful. You want your business to thrive both for you and your family, but also for your employees and your legacy. You want to maximize your company’s performance. Most likely, you have a series of choices for peer-to-peer interaction that are not particularly satisfying. You may not be meeting with people that are actually your peers; the meetings may be poorly managed; your problems and issues may never make it onto the table.

HBE changes all that. First, the peer groups are put together to ensure that group members have enough in common that they will share many of the same problems and opportunities.

HBE interacts at four levels:

  1. CEO
  2. Key Business Executive
  3. Key Sales Executive
  4. Emerging Entrepreneurs

HBE focuses on companies that are mature, stable with sales that are in growth and expansion.

HBE’s mission is to offer members the following:

  • To obtain immediate and objective feedback from B2B advisor peers.
  • To be part of an accelerated learning environment including tools and the necessary training to properly use them
  • To be part of a unique high level B2B networking system.

HBE will help you significantly improve your company’s performance.

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