Tier #4: Key Mastermind Business-to-business Advisors Forums (One-preneurs, small two to four person entrepreneurial companies who consult in key business areas and business coaches who have achieved sustained success and growth)

Based on trust, integrity and confidentiality, our Key Mastermind B2B Advisors Forum members:

  • Network with business-to-business peer advisors by sharing advice, information, recommendations and referrals.
  • Obtain immediate and objective feedback from business-to-business advisor peers at every meeting.
  • Participate in effectively run Key Mastermind B2B Advisors Forums facilitated by highly accomplished business leaders.
  • Participate in mentor (buddy) program for new members.
  • Access the private counsel of successful Key B2B Advisors and thought-leaders.
  • Access online member-only social networking group/Blog.
  • Utilize a clearly defined master plan for networking.
  • Participate in webinars/workshops led by local expert trainers and speakers.
  • Participate in quarterly fellowship activities at member homes, restaurants, theatre, and sports venues

Who may participate?

In general most effective for a variety of non-competing business organizations that join to provide services to the organizations of the CEOs and Key Executives in Tier #1 and Tier #2 above. The B2B Advisors fit the following criteria:

  • 60% + of revenue comes from selling servicesĀ and products to other businesses
  • Sales Executives
  • New Business Development Executives
  • Owners of small one to four person consultant organizations (with such focus areas as: Marketing, Finance, Advertisement, Public Relations, HR/Payroll Benefits, Training, Business Coaching, Telecommunications, IT, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Social Media, Profile Assessments, Outplacement, Staffing, and E-commerce)

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