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Tier #1: CEO Mastermind Forums (For CEO, President, Managing Partner, Owner)

Based on trust, integrity and confidentiality, our CEO Mastermind Forum members:

  • Network with business-to-business peers by sharing advice, information, recommendations and referrals.
  • Obtain immediate and objective feedback from business-to-business peers at every meeting.
  • Participate in effectively and efficiently run CEO Mastermind Forums facilitated by highly accomplished business leaders.
  • Are challenged and held accountable by their business-to-business peers to make and execute critical decisions.
  • Participate in monthly business-to-business referral networking training and sales workshops facilitated by local experts.
  • Access the private counsel of successful CEOs and thought-leaders.
  • Participate in quarterly fellowship activities at members’ homes, restaurants, theatres, and other appropriate venues.

Who may participate?

This is generally most effective for leaders of mature stable companies that fit the following criteria:

  • privately held
  • past start-up stage
  • facing issues of growth rather than survival
  • transitioning from an entrepreneurial to a professional management style
  • generating between $750,000 and $20 million or more in annual revenue or have that range of working capital in place

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