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When you join Houston Business Executives and are pleased with how great it is for you, we look forward to adding your testimonial here!

“There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to networking and what I have found of value as a member of Houston Business Executives is that the concept combines the very best of professional networking with peer advising.  At the end of the day, most small businesses and entrepreneurs have the same challenges, so getting together on a regular basis to share concepts, ideas, challenges and successes allows us all to learn from each other and help each other. The leadership is solid and honest and they genuinely care about the program and the members.” – Eric S. Kleiman, Kleiman Enterprises, LLC

“I didn’t know what to expect when I joined HBE. I knew that I was looking for more than simply a networking or referral group. I wanted a group that would in essence “have my back” in business. These types of groups are hard to create, hard to find and even harder to maintain. However, I found these characteristics in HBE. We help each other without the assurance of any return, monetary or otherwise.” – Business Owner

“Peer mentoring is new to me; however, I wish I had discovered its value years ago. In a non-competitive environment, I am able to share professional challenges and successes with like-minded individuals who walk the walk and talk the talk of my everyday business encounters.” – Sales Leader

“…Now, the final paperwork has not been done and will be completed over the weekend. It has been agreed that I will be 51% owner and CEO of my company. Thank all of you in my Tier group for your wisdom, encouragement and support.” – CEO/Business Owner

“The HBE radio program is a great asset to the Houston business community. HBE allows business people to network with others to increase their business and the radio show will give listeners tips and insight from business leaders that will motivate and educate them.  R.D. Yoder is the Networking King!”  – Sue Burnett  President of Burnett Staffing Specialists

“Houston is a leading city in business. Executives, leaders and professionals are seeking a place to turn to for business development and enhancement. Houston Business Executives and the radio show “The Executive Hour” provides that forum and much more.” – Jamey Rootes, President, Houston Texans

“I’ve worked with Mike Mangan and R.D. Yoder for more than eight years now. They always do what they say they are going to do. I’ll continue working with them as part of Houston Business Executives!” – Lance Griffith, CEO, CAP5 Technology Solutions

“R.D. Yoder has worked with me for several years now and I have been very satisfied how he has been able to help my business. I’ve become a founding member of HBE!” – Deborah Hroch, Deborah Hroch & Associates

“I was an exhibitor at the 2010 Houston Business Expo. Mike and R.D. put together a first class operation, which allowed me to make some excellent business contacts and sales. I’m glad to be involved with Houston Business Executives.” – Robert Ferguson, CEO, 1 Source SEO

“Houston is a thriving and diverse city, and with the number of people in it, networking with the right professionals is critical for growth and success.  R.D. Yoder has a history of bringing people together for the purposes of networking and doing business with one another.  Houston Business Executives is a much-needed program that helps busy executives learn relevant information and connect with the right people that will help them elevate to the next level of leadership. “ – Jeffrey L. Boney, Founder and CEO, Texas Business Alliance

“Leadership is an ever changing art!  There are libraries full of books on leadership, but the best resources are one’s own experiences and lessons learned from those around us.  We salute R.D. Yoder for helping to connect the dots and raising the level of dialogue among leaders so that we all can make a bigger difference.” – Richard A. Huebner, President, Houston Minority Supplier Development Council

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