Peer Review

You lead a good company. You have a number of excellent employees, you want to continue to advance your company so you solicit feedback from the people that know your business the best (aside from yourself), your employees. You ask for their input and feedback and you receive… exactly what they think you want to hear!! Yes, your employees know the most about your company of anyone you may talk to, but their feedback is unreliable.

Peer based Mastermind Forums give you what you really want and NEED, unbiased clear feedback, either positive or negative based on what you and your organization need. The feedback is given in a safe and confidential environment, so you get information you need without the fear that it will “come back to haunt you!”

This is what you need and get.

B2B Networking

You or your top sales people are quite good at making sales, but you find you are left having to do the legwork totally on your own. You try business networking, but nothing meets your needs. They are either B2C groups or B2B groups that cater to businesses that aren’t your clientele.

HBE allows you to network with businesses similar to your own. You will find yourself talking to folks who are trying to reach similar companies to your organization. When you give a business lead, your peer can be confident that the lead has a strong potential to be a good one. Similarly, when you receive a business lead, it also has a strong potential to be a good one.

That is what business networking should be.