8 Ways to Increase your Business Networking Results!

By Ken Marsh

Ken Marsh is a Houston Business Show Contributor for Price of Business. He is an authority on this subject and author of the book Fearless Networking.

“Minding your manners will mostly get you respect from one person. Minding your reputation will get you the respect of friends, acquaintances and strangers.”   –Author Unknown

  1. Become passionate about reciprocal networking. True business networking is building relationships with the intent to eventually share referrals.
  2. Focus on helping. The main key to effective business networking is concentrating on helping or contributing to the businesses of others you come in contact with through giving referrals.
  3. Diversify your networking venues. Belong and be active in several networking groups, attend chamber of commerce networking events, the Greater Houston Partnership events and Houston Networking News events. Just to name a few.
  4. Have one-on-one meetings. The number one key to getting and giving quality referrals is to have one-on-one meetings with people in your network to learn more about their businesses and the level of service they provide. And, for people in your network to learn more about your business and the level of service you provide.
  5. Seek to build a relationship first. When you meet a stranger at a business networking event don’t jump right into your 30 seconds elevator speech or your 60 seconds introduction of you and your product or service. Instead begin with rapport building questions about the event you are attending, a story in the media (say nothing about religion or politics), the person’s family, hobbies, etc.
  6. Use a CRM tool. A great ways to keep in contact with people you meet, at business networking events is to use a relationship manager (CRM) tool.
  7. Become an exceptional service provider. Become known for how you treat customers. Establish a reputation for providing exceptional customer service.
  8. Connect with people anywhere and everywhere. Don’t just network at networking venues. Everywhere there are strangers are excellent places to network. At the mall, doctor’s office, pharmacy, department of motor vehicles, your child’s sporting event, barber or hair or nail salon, grocery story, bookstore and library.

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