21 Winning Attitudes and Dynamic Behaviors of Fearless Networkers

Ken Marsh is a Business Show Contributor for the Price of Business. He is an authority on this subject and author of the book Fearless Networking.

 “Strap on the cojones and go. Play like you’re not afraid to lose.”   –Sally Hogshead, author of Radical Careering

Successful business, job and career networkers, share the following 21 qualities of Fearless Networkers:

  1. 1.  They have a desire to be of service to others.
  2. They practice the universal law of reciprocity (give and you will receive).
  3. They actively listen to others for needs/concerns/wants to ascertain who in their network that can help resolve the needs/issues/concerns/wants.
  4. They are focused on helping others first before discussing their own needs/issues/concerns/wants.
  5. They are patient with prospects, and customers. The do no rush into their product or service presentation before building rapport, finding common ground and identifying some shared values.
  6. They fearlessly reach out to others to make genuine connections.
  7. They listen approximately 80% of the time and talk 20% of the time while building rapport and building common ground.
  8. They value being held accountable for sharing referrals with associates in their network.
  9. They are committed to building relationships with the sincere intent to share referrals.
  10. They relish in being people you can count on.
  11. When having difficulty remembering names, they take time to learn memory techniques.
  12. They understand and believe, as Dale Carnegie says, “A person’s name to that person is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”
  13. They will ask a person how to spell or pronounce phonetically a difficult to pronounce name.
  14. They strive to make others feel good about themselves by including them in the conversation, sincerely praising them for their input, and in actions and words show they genuinely care.
  15. Never ask for a business or job referral at a social function.
  16. They listen attentively and actively to others while avoiding looking over their shoulders at others in the room.
  17. They politely excuse themselves when leaving a group to go to another.
  18. They show respect, dignity and courtesy at all times. They avoid sexual, ethnic or gender jokes and innuendoes, sarcasm and gossip.
  19. They take time to look at a business card received in the presence of the person and ask title-related questions.
  20. They don’t make promises they can’t keep but, they do keep promises made.
  21. They follow up and follow through in a timely fashion.

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