11 Ways to Business Network during a Slowly Recovering Economy

Ken Marsh, the Price of Business Show Contributor for Business Networking is an authority on this subject and author of the book Fearless Networking , we are glad to have Mr. Marsh as a part of our team.

“Human service is the highest form of self-interest for the person who serves.”   –Elbert Hubbard

Business is slower for some businesses during this slowly recovering economy. Following are 11 ways fearless networkers utilize their networking and Internet savvy skills to survive and even thrive doing a slowly recovering economy:

  1. Fearless networkers utilize this slow business period to have one-on-one meetings with people new to their linkedin, Plaxo, MySpace, face book and twitter social networks. These one-on-one meetings provide key information about products and services that help you promote and market the businesses of your new associates. This helps with gaining quality referrals. Bringing more business your way.
  2. Fearless networkers join “Smart Shopping Groups” (SSGs) already online or create these groups with other associates eager to find and share the best holiday store specials online and in their city. Social networking services and large servers like Yahoo, Google and AOL make it easy to set up groups. These SSGs provide their members very significant cost savings opportunities.
  3. Fearless networkers offer online discount coupons, gifts and gift cards on their products and services to increase revenue during the holiday season.
  4. Fearless networkers join local and national barter groups like ITEX to barter services that they otherwise have to pay for. This one tip has saved hundreds of dollars in expenses and not just during slow times.
  5. Fearless networkers know to leave their credit cards at home when they are venturing out to the retail stores and malls. They know that writing a business check rather than using a credit card will severely curtail impulse buying. They share this helpful tip with other members of their online and face-to-face network.
  6. Another cost savings tip fearless networkers offer their network associates is the suggestion of using a small hand basket with a handle, rather than a large shopping cart. Studies have shown that shoppers save an average of 30% on their purchases when using a small hand-held basket.
  7. Fearless networkers suggest to their network associates to leave their children home when shopping for their holiday gifts. Studies have shown that shoppers save an average of 40%, by leaving the kids home, even during everyday shopping trips.
  8. Fearless networkers are wary of the many online scams and potential for identity theft. So, one bit of advice they give to their networking associates is to use only secure sites for purchases (secure sites begin with https:// ). Sites simply stating that they are a secured site or even stating that they are powered by a secured server, does not always guarantee that they are indeed secure.
  9. Fearless networkers having financial struggles personal or business-wise due job loss or the negative impact of the credit crunch on their business suggest to their associates experiencing these calamities to notify the whole family. Even, the children, however in an age-appropriate way. For children in school grades 3 to 6 explain the difference being needs and wants. For children in school grades 7 to 9 explain about using credit cards, payroll checks and deductions, job hunting, dressing for interviews and basic business operations. At this age they need to understand the basics and the inherent challenges of family finances and business finances and not just listening to parents argue about finances. Having this basic knowledge will curtail their desire for keeping up with their peers and the tendency to think “my parents have it and I can get it just for the asking.”
  10. Fearless networkers marketing budgets don’t fall victim to the first cuts made to trim expenses during slow times. if anything, they try more creative ways to market their businesses.
  11. Fearless networkers tell associates how to find out about online scams by sending them to snopes.com.

Visit Ken’s web site at www.fearlessnetworkers.com for more info about Fearless Networking!.

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