10 Reasons Why Women are Often More Effective Business Networkers

“My doctors told me I would never walk again. My mother told me I would. I believed my mother.” – Wilma Rudolph, Olympic Gold Medalist

Since the early days of man and woman, back to the cave; men have been the hunters and warriors while women were social networkers. In a 2008 article in AOL Small Business, the results of a survey of business networkers showed that 70% of networkers are women. Women-only networking groups are growing both meet up and digitally. I am listing below 12 reasons why, in my opinion, women are more effective business networkers:

  1. Most women are simply better at building relationships, which is what expert networkers like Ivan Misner, founder and CEO of Business Network International says is the backbone of business networking. Consequently, women are better at information, resource and referral sharing.
  2. Most women are better at empathetic listening. They tend to listen with a strong desire to understand the whole person. This a major factor in successful networking and selling.
  3. Most women demonstrate more heartfelt caring. They tend to communicate more from the heart than the head. For the most part, people can sense whether you care about them or just care about making a sale.
  4. Most women are better at identifying emotional needs. Sales experts like Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy believe that people are persuaded by mostly by emotion rather than logic.
  5. Most women are better at asking penetrating questions. They tend to ask questions that elicit more detail about issues, wants, needs and concerns. This gives women a tremendous edge in matching needs, issues and wants to someone in their network who can help.
  6. Most women relate to the emotional or feeling side of others. Again, this is the side that persuades others to take action. According to Myers-Briggs most women are “feeling” while most men are “thinking” types.
  7. Most women engender trust at a much faster rate than men. For the most part, they speak and behave with sincerity and genuine interest. It appears to be second nature.
  8. According to behavioral scientists, women are more receptive to social support than men.
  9. From personal observation, women appear to be more adept at breaking the ice and finding common ground first before striving to persuade others to buy. Thus women appear to naturally understand and practice the maxim “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
  10.  Perhaps, there is much to be said for opening up and talking from the heart. Women do so often with no agenda whatsoever, other than to provide a listening ear and later even to refer someone who may be able to help, if they can’t.
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