Michael (Mike) A.  Mangan is CEO and one of the founders of HNN (Houston Networking News). Michael A. Mangan has more than thirty years experience in the energy industry, with the last ten years having a strong international focus. During this time, he has initiated two successful joint venture companies and has led business activities worldwide.

His joint venture companies include one in the United States, with American and European partners, and one in the Peoples Republic of China, with American and Chinese partners.

Mr. Mangan served a six year tenure as the first president of a joint venture company chartered to provide computerized and advanced technology products. The company achieved profitability in three years, ahead of most startup companies, and remains profitable today. He also served as Vice-president of the Board of Directors for a company chartered to provide nuclear field service activities and assumed full responsibility for the company's inaugural business and marketing plans.

Mr. Mangan has developed numerous innovative communication programs to educate community, business, and political leaders about energy topics. He also designed and licensed nuclear power plant systems for United States and Japanese utilities.

In addition to his business efforts, Mr. Mangan has provided community leadership. In 1982, he founded and served as the first President of the Energy Source Education Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating America's youth about energy. The Council remains active today and has educated approximately twelve million students. He also founded and served as the first President of the Atlanta Pitt Club, a branch of the University of Pittsburgh Alumni Association.

He has worked as an executive in Europe for three years, where he significantly increased business outreach and established new markets.


R.D. Yoder is one of the founders of HNN (Houston Networking News) and Houston Business Executives. His passion for serving the business community has enabled HNN to become one of the premier business development organizations in Houston. HNN was founded in 2003 to provide business professionals a collective source for all business networking activities in the Greater Houston area. Because of the initial positive response to HNN and the expressed desire for HNN members to network with each other, HNN developed and conducts a series of business networking functions, in addition to supporting those of other organizations. Under Mr. Yoder’s leadership and vision, HNN has become a unique eclectic organization that appeals to the business and social needs of ANY business professional interested in networking in Houston. Through his guidance, the organization has reached, served and assisted thousands across the Greater Houston area. He is now heading up Houston Business Executives, an executive peer advisory, business development and premier networking organization. He is the host of "The Executive Hour" brought to you by Houston Business Executives, heard on KNTH 1070AM in Houston. Mr. Yoder was also host of "BUSINESS, NETWORKING AND YOU With HNN" (the only show of its kind), heard on CBS Talk 650 in Houston. He also is an award-winning journalist and U.S. Army veteran. Mr. Yoder is a native Houstonian and lives in Houston with his wife and children.